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Dreams Of Anarchy
Jun 6, 09 7:03 AM
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Welcome to Dreams of Anarchy!

If this is your first time visiting our site you will need to register a username. The usernames on this website are shared across all guildportal sites so the name you desire may be taken. If this is the case please try to create a username that is as close as possible to your in game character's name to avoid confusion i.e. Nickb is taken so try NickbOfSylph. Once your registered with the site you will instantly have access to all our public forums, including the application and rules and regulations. Please read over these carefully. Once your application is approved you will be given access to all member forums and information.

Thank you,
Nickb - DoA Linkshell Leader

Evol Intent, Jun 6, 09 7:03 AM.
I owe everyone in the entire shell, across all events an apology for my absense. At the moment I've been going through a really rough time. Things however are getting better and I will be around a whole lot more now but there still may be some times when I'm not present. I know things are in disarray from my absense and several people have left. For those of you still here I appreciate your patience and understanding, thank you. It's been brought to my attentention that there have been leadership issues so let me make it clear as to who is basically in charge in my absense. For dynamis Oddin and Jimbob will be in charge of managing the run, this includes the glass, attendance, lots, ect. Sky is Oddin again along with Kyogi. Oddin again for sea if there is actually enough people and it happens. The above mentioned people have my permission to remove people from the shell if they see reason enough to do so. These people were not asked by me to take care of things in my absense, they stepped up on their own, running the shell is my resposnibility and no one elses. I'm in their debt and again they weren't asked but I trust their judgement and they're doing everyone a great favor not just me so please show them the upmost respect. As I mentioned above I'll be around much more now and soon back fulltime. This is how I wish for things to be carried out if I'm not there. Again, thank you for your paitence and understanding.

P.S. All points are updated and current all events minus one Xarcabard attendance I still need to get. If you feel your points are incorrect please leave me a message on the website if you can't contact me in game.
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